Bret Anderson founded Pyramid Builders in 1985 with the mission to create custom homes of extreme quality. He envisioned a process-driven company of talented individuals that would provide clients with the best possible methods, materials and craftsmanship. Over the past 30 years, Pyramid has built remarkable homes in both waterfront and urban settings, relying on our experienced team of more than 70 artisans and building professionals. Pyramid collaborates with many of the top architects, interior designers and landscape architects in the region. “It is our belief that the best results are achieved when client, architect, and builder function as a team,” says Anderson. Pyramid Builders places an emphasis on exceeding clients’ expectations and delivering a highly personalized experience and a dedication to uncompromising craftsmanship which ensures your legacy will live on for generations.





Why did you start Pyramid? 

From a young child I was interested in building. I have always had an affinity for doing things well; it’s a part of my DNA. When I started Pyramid it was founded by my love for building and my internal desire to be distinctly different. Along the way I realized I was not just building homes, I was building a business. It was motivating to be responsible for creating Pyramid from the ground up and we eventually established ourselves as the premier builder in the area.     


How was Pyramid established?

I founded Pyramid with less than a thousand dollars and a relentless work ethic. The first fifteen years I really don’t remember, it was a blur of working every waking moment. A strong work ethic and a commitment to construct an exceptional product are the foundations of our early success. From that foundation we have added many elements that continue our journey of building a better company. Every day we truly have a culture of trying to be better than we were the prior day!


What has contributed to Pyramid’s success?

We have perfected the methods and procedures for managing the very difficult process of building one-of-a-kind unique homes. We have created a team of extremely talented people who all work together with the common goal of building the best homes possible. We truly know the artistry of constructing at a high level of quality, and have the resources, knowledge, capability, and talent to build at the most demanding level.